U-Trap-It System Updates

U-Trap-It System Version 7.2 Updates

Version 7.20.041418

Pest Control Device Maintenance

  1. Added ability to create a replacement parts list to repetitively replace parts in specific devices during a service
  2. The replacement parts list is created by Device Type i.e. Ketch-All vs Tin Cat. Each can have a different replacement parts list.
  3. Works with all Device Styles - Bait, Bird, Glue, Rodent, Vector, and Pheromone.

New Tools
   SD Card fixer - repairs Storage Card issues when detected.
   Sync to Site - utility which provides additional access to upgrade and upload/download data without docking scanner.

Resolution for photos (where allowed) is now set at 800x600 for all note photos - Job, Service Location, Application, and Environmental Deficiencies


U-Trap-It System Version 7.1 Updates

Version 7.10.122017

Pest Control Device/Parts Replacement

  1. The user has always had the ability to record the replacement of entire devices and many expendable device parts. Now the ability to manage and record the replacement of any part of a pest control device has been added.
    • Replaceable parts list is filtered by device style that is currently being inspected.
    • Part or device can be replaced now or "tagged" for replacement after completing the servicing of the facility.

  2. Temporary devices such as snap traps and glueboards can now be added to Wide Area Service Locations (inspection locations that do not use a permanent device) to temporarily monitor for pest sighting reports.
  3. These new capabilities ensure that the pest management system protecting a facility is fully functional 24/7/365.

Ability to create product mixes in the field on the scanner:

  1. Redefined how products and baits are added to the system, recorded when used and reported.

  2. Technicians can now use products in the concentration they need without requiring them to be predefined in the system.

  3. Products with multiple Active Ingredients are accurately reported.

Added ability to perform scanner software upgrades (major and minor) while in the field and through desktop connections.

Report Modifications 

  1. Many reports have been updated including the Service Report

  2. Product Usage Report consolidation (both baits and insecticides now consolidated on same report)

  3. Removed “Day of Service” Report (this was creating some confusion). Now the Service Report always presents the current information.

  4. Barcodes Needing Replacement report now available in the Upon Upload Report Generator

Added all US counties for pesticide reporting 

Changes to mapping interface for GPS Service Accounts (i.e. large complexes, HOA, and Municipal Rodent Control). 

Corrected auto-generated and upon upload report creation screens.

Ability to Inactivate Service Areas.

Ability to inactivate scanners.

Ability to inactivate products and baits.

Improved OneNote interface.

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Remembering All Who Have Served Our Country!

Thank You Vets!

The U-Trap-It* System provides these core capabilities:

Inspect All types of pest management devices, areas, and buildings.
Verify The System verifies that all pest management devices, areas, and buildings are inspected before leaving the serviced area. Inoperable or missing devices can easily be replaced.
Record The System records the Pest Environmental Data from the inspection of each pest management device, area, or building in greater detail than by any other means and stores the information in a useable form for later use.
Track U-Trap-It tracks the Pest Environmental Data from the inspection of each pest management device, area, and building including the status of sanitation and maintenance issues along with the status of any corrective actions. It also manages and tracks the use and change over of non-toxic bait usage.
Analyze The System can analyze the collected information for any time period. Incoming data is automatically analyzed for items that exceed thresholds and the user is notified of these issues.
Report The System generates feedback in the form of an extensive variety of reports, graphs, floor plans, and site plans(industrial version)/street mapping(municipal version) to fit the user's needs.

The U-Trap-It System ensures Pest Management Plan success. It is an essential management tool for

"When and Where Pest Management Matters"

From the Field to the Marketplace