The U-Trap-It System is the system of choice for managing pests in environments where pests cannot be tolerated. These include all Industrial (food, pharmeceutical, etc.), Municipal (i.e. rodent control), Agricultural (poultry, grain facilities, etc.), and Lodging facilities. Nearly all of these companies use the U-Trap-It* System at their facilities.
PMP U-Trap-It Cost BakerySmall
Cost $USD
One-Time System Setup Fee $750.00

Minimum Annual Service Fee*

*Five accounts, each with 200 Service Locations, could be serviced without exceeding the Minimum Annual Fee.


When the minimum is exceeded, pricing is then based on each Service Account:

The first 125 Service Locations at a Service Account (i.e. food processing plant) are charged at $1.56/Service Location (Service Locations are pest control device locations, wide-area location, tailings screening location. etc.). Additional Service Locations at the Service Account are charged at $0.32/Service Location. For example, an account with 200 service locations would be charged 125 X $1.56 plus 75 X $0.32 which equals $219.00. This is the annual cost for this Service Account.

Remembering All Who Have Served Our Country!

Thank You Vets!

The U-Trap-It* System provides these core capabilities:

Inspect All types of pest management devices, areas, and buildings.
Verify The System verifies that all pest management devices, areas, and buildings are inspected before leaving the serviced area. Inoperable or missing devices can easily be replaced.
Record The System records the Pest Environmental Data from the inspection of each pest management device, area, or building in greater detail than by any other means and stores the information in a useable form for later use.
Track U-Trap-It tracks the Pest Environmental Data from the inspection of each pest management device, area, and building including the status of sanitation and maintenance issues along with the status of any corrective actions. It also manages and tracks the use and change over of non-toxic bait usage.
Analyze The System can analyze the collected information for any time period. Incoming data is automatically analyzed for items that exceed thresholds and the user is notified of these issues.
Report The System generates feedback in the form of an extensive variety of reports, graphs, floor plans, and site plans(industrial version)/street mapping(municipal version) to fit the user's needs.

The U-Trap-It System ensures Pest Management Plan success. It is an essential management tool for

"When and Where Pest Management Matters"

From the Field to the Marketplace