Audit Pitfalls and Recommendations


  • Run your own food safety system & learn to validate, audit, defend it!
  • Accurate information presented to audit companies equals more audit value

Documentation Requirements

  • Staff cannot access/unaware of required documentation
  • Documents inadequately controlled, e.g. no approval, outdated/obsolete documents, inconsistent versions
  • Relevant documents of external Origin not identified, e.g. food regulations, customer specification, standards etc.
  • Distribution of external documents not controlled
  • Improper data correction -obliterated/erased data or liquid paper

Management Responsibility/Resource Management

  • Commitment statement does not mention conformity to legal, regulatory & customer food safety requirements.
  • Review documentation does not detail inputs/outputs; objectives not measurable or not tracked
  • Communication procedures not in place/not effective; personnel to communicate with external parties not defined
  • Food safety issues/changes not communicated to food safety team promptly
  • Emergency preparedness/business continuity plans not in place or not tested annually
  • Staff/back up personnel training/evaluation not documented
  • No review of competence for outsourced activities

Processing/Product Realization

  • PRPs not in accordance with PAS 220 or not well documented
  • Supplier review for hazard controls not documented
  • Food safety team/meetings not documented
  • Insufficient information on raw material characteristics to conduct hazard analysis
  • Product descriptions/end product characteristics incomplete
  • Process flow diagrams/plant schematics not accurate or missing steps like water treatment, waste & rework
  • Food Safety hazards reasonably expected to occur not identified
  • Control measures for hazards identified not adequately defined
  • Hazard assessment/prioritization not adequate
  • CCPs not logically determined or not capable of being monitored
  • Information required for OPRPs (FSSC 22000) or HACCP plans not adequately defined e.g. inaccurate critical limit, incomplete monitoring procedure, correction and corrective action not clearly defined
  • Incomplete corrective action documentation or no segregation/identification/safe disposition of affected product
  • Missing informationl1ests for traceability from raw materials through in process/finished product to next level of distribution

Validation, Calibration, Verification, Continual Improvement

  • HACCP/OPRP plans not validated or not properly documented
  • Key measuring equipment not calibrated at least annually
  • Internal audit not carried out at least annually or all standard requirements were not covered
  • Internal auditors not consistent or not trained
  • Corrective action not performed in response to internal audit non-conformities or not verified to be effective
  • Results not analyzed to confirm overall effectiveness of FSMS & identified opportunities for improvement/updating

Remembering All Who Have Served Our Country!

Thank You Vets!

The U-Trap-It* System provides these core capabilities:

Inspect All types of pest management devices, areas, and buildings.
Verify The System verifies that all pest management devices, areas, and buildings are inspected before leaving the serviced area. Inoperable or missing devices can easily be replaced.
Record The System records the Pest Environmental Data from the inspection of each pest management device, area, or building in greater detail than by any other means and stores the information in a useable form for later use.
Track U-Trap-It tracks the Pest Environmental Data from the inspection of each pest management device, area, and building including the status of sanitation and maintenance issues along with the status of any corrective actions. It also manages and tracks the use and change over of non-toxic bait usage.
Analyze The System can analyze the collected information for any time period. Incoming data is automatically analyzed for items that exceed thresholds and the user is notified of these issues.
Report The System generates feedback in the form of an extensive variety of reports, graphs, floor plans, and site plans(industrial version)/street mapping(municipal version) to fit the user's needs.

The U-Trap-It System ensures Pest Management Plan success. It is an essential management tool for

"When and Where Pest Management Matters"

From the Field to the Marketplace